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YouTube Shorts On Mobile Phone

This Short ‘Shorts’ Guide will quickly run you through what resolution & time limits that you’ll need for your video to make it on YouTube Shorts, Instagram & TikTok.

The Rise of YouTube Video Shorts

YouTube Video Shorts have become popular because they allow creators to share interesting content in a short amount of time. They’re different from longer videos because they grab people’s attention quickly and look good. To stand out, creators are choosing to make their videos in a vertical format.
Laptop and mobile phone showcasing difference between horizontal and vertical video
Your laptop will always be optimized for watching content in a wide format. Even though your phone can do this too, people prefer to keep their phone vertical when they can.

Understanding Vertical Sizing

Vertical sizing for videos means looking at how tall and wide they are compared to the aspect ratio. A popular aspect ratio for vertical videos is 9:16, which matches the upright position of our phones. This way, videos fill the whole screen when viewed on mobiles, which makes watching them better for us users who usually hold their phones up and down.
HD vertical 1080p 60 fps

Here we have selected our vertical (1080×1920) 9:16 video format within our video editing software to ensure we export the video in the most optimal way for our YouTube shorts.

The Impact on Viewer Engagement

Having the right video size is important for keeping people engaged. Most people watch online videos on their phones, so having videos that fit the screen well can make people more likely to click on them and watch them for longer. Vertical videos are helpful because users don’t have to turn their phones sideways to watch, which makes the experience smoother and more enjoyable. This can encourage people to watch more videos and interact more with the content.
Line bar chart with the line going up

When people have the ability to keep their phone vertical while watching your short content, their watch time will significantly increase. This means they are also less likely to instantly skip your content.

Best Practices For Shorts

Here are some tips for making great YouTube Video Shorts:1. Use a resolution of at least 1080 x 1920 (Vertical) pixels to make sure your video looks clear and appealing.2. Create thumbnails that catch people’s attention and show what your video is about – even if it’s vertical.3. Put important things like text and the focal point of the video in the center so nothing gets cut off.4. Keep your video UNDER 60 seconds so you don’t hit the automatic cut off for shorts content.

Future Short Content Trends

Video creators on YouTube will probably change the size and shape of their videos to keep up with new trends and tech. They might try different sizes, shapes, and ways of showing things to keep people interested. It’s important to use the right size for vertical videos to make sure viewers like what they see. This is especially true for videos that show things happening behind the scenes, quick lessons, or funny scenes. The way videos are sized is really important to make sure people enjoy watching them.

Selection of different coloured tshirts with arrows pointing at them
The way we create videos is rapidly changing with current trends. It used to be that the creator of vertical videos was negatively labelled with ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’

'Short' Summary

To get more people interested in your YouTube video Shorts, you need to think about how tall they are. This can make a big difference in how many people watch them and how much they like them. If you use vertical sizing well, you can make your videos better and more fun for people to watch. It’s really important to keep thinking about this as the way people watch videos is always changing and it’s bound to adapt as we move forward with technology.

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