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2024 Website, Content and SEO...

Our speciality is creating unique web solutions that improve your online visibility and help you stay ahead of the curve in Chester‘s local business community. Our custom web designs, paired with both our expert content writing and online optimisation will keep you fully competitive and draw in local customers.

We start with a conversation about your website’s goals and build from there. Every week, we’ll make sure to update you on our progress. This is because we pride ourselves on a smooth communication process so you can concentrate on running the company you love.

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How Does The Chester Package Work?

Designed in Chester, we start with your idea and transform it into a website that makes you proud. After it’s flawless, we add content and information to enhance it. Then, we launch one of our renowned SEO campaigns to take your online presence to new heights.

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Fresh Website

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Right Strategy

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One Easy to Implement Package

What's Inside Our Chester Web Package?

We enjoy working together with Chester-based clients to create a vibrant online presence. By creating custom websites, writing engaging content, and implementing smart SEO techniques, we help your company succeed both locally and to grow out internationally.


Chester 2024

We create a modern website that reflects your company, using your vision as our guide. After it’s polished, we add interesting and ‘hooking’ content. After that, we launch one of our renowned SEO campaigns to dramatically increase your online visibility.



We craft the content of your website so that it speaks directly to Chester-based customers. This isn’t generic, “one-size-fits-all” writing; instead, it’s focused messaging developed after our extensive study. By establishing a deep connection with your audience, we guarantee optimal engagement.



Our attention turns to improving your Google ranking once your website launches! To draw in new clients, we carry out in-depth competitive SEO analysis to identify the most profitable Chester growth keywords. We offer bi-monthly video summaries to guarantee openness and peace of mind.

A website without SEO, is like owning a car without the keys.

It's just sitting pretty.

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Venetix Top Draw SEO

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Don’t Need A Website? Check Out Our Professional SEO campaigns where we embody your brand and outshine competitors. Achieve page 1 visibility on Google within 90 days of starting with us (or we work for free until you’re there)

Our CATAPULT Process


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Design & Development

We design you a fresh and competitive website and when you’re happy we then go into development. We provide weekly updates, and have an open slack channel so you always know which stage your site is at.


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Rank Up Your Site

After your new site goes live, we start to implement our data driven SEO strategy based on a full scale 20+ hour keyword research. You’ll get full monthly video breakdowns of what we’ve done and make sure your happy with any plans going forward.

How Much Do Your Packages Cost?

Our packages are an investment, with great returns for your Chester Business…

A professional website with the right design, content, and SEO can attract your best customers and grow your business… completely hands free.

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We will create your niche specific pre-themed website and build a solid foundation through 3 months of proactive SEO
  • Fully Responsive 5 Page Website (copy included)
  • 20+ Hours Keyword Research
  • Proven SEO Strategy (on-page & off-page)
  • Easy Video Updates
  • Full Email & Google Integration
  • 3 Months active SEO Included

View our Guarantee

Need A Website, Minus the Content and SEO?

If you’ve already got a website, no problem – we can integrate this package for you with a full website redesign. However, if you’ve NOT got a website and don’t want the entire catapult package, click below and we can get you started with a fresh SOLO website.

Designed to Catapult Your Business


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i choose your catapult package?

It’s carefully crafted to provide you with a fully functional modern website and coupled with an expert SEO campaign to improve online visibility and traffic. We deliver a streamlined roadmap that caters to your requirements and we make sure that you’re aware of every step of the process.

How do I know SEO will work for me?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital aspect of online marketing that can benefit any business with a website. We use it to improve your website’s ranking on search engines, which increases visibility and traffic to that site, resulting in more sales for you!

Do I need a website?

85,000 Businesses went online in 2020 and that’s been growing ever since! Today a website is an essential & powerful tool, providing a place for customers to connect with you and a platform to continuously grow your brand.

Can you help me keep my site secure?

100% – every single website that we create is secured via SSL padlocking from within. You will remain fully protected with auto-updating modern security software, even if you decide to part ways with us.

Is it easy to get started?

Whether or not you have ideas for how you want your website to look, it’s easy to get started! We would love to discuss your ideas over a free consultation, alternatively, shoot us over an email to get started. Any other questions? Please feel free to ask!

How long does it take to build the website?

To build your website it should take around 1 month. This time is dependent on you signing off on the designs and content of your site. We won’t move forward without you being happy with your website. 

How long does SEO take?

In this package we offer 3 months of SEO (included from the date your new website from us was published). Prior to this we do around 15+ hours of keyword research and content strategy so that when we start, we go strong out of the gates! SEO can take time to take effect, and this is why we offer 3 months included within our catapult package. We want you to get the most out of SEO and see it’s effectiveness from a consistently implemented campaign.

How much do i save with this package?

You save £650 with the start up catapult package. Seriously, go check out our single services. So, why do we offer this package? It’s simple, it brings ALL of our team expertise together on one project and creates a great relationship with our clients. We enjoy doing it, you benefit from it, it’s a win-win.

Is this for you?

What you need to know

The catapult package is only for those that enjoy running their business and have the hunger to increase the traffic to it. We pride ourselves on making websites and content that reflect their owners style and it works best when we’re both in the same boat. 

This package is NOT for you if you want someone else to run your business for you. Even though we provide a lot in this package and create you assets that build your online presence, we can’t act as an admin or sales rep with your customers. 

Why Chester?

A little about us

Hey, glad you’ve found us. As you’ve probably noticed this page is tailored to you – based in or around Chester. Hopefully you’ve clocked on to how we do abit of our SEO work and you’ve seen that it isn’t magic, it’s good old fashioned work. So why Chester? Well, that’s where I some of us went to university, back in the day. We know it well and we’ve always enjoyed working with our clients from around the area!

Chester Web Design Services

Increase sales with a fresh website

Based in Chester, UK, Venetix Web Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency is a well-known web design firm. Our speciality is creating effective websites that draw your target market in.

Tucked away in the centre of Cheshire, Chester offers a special fusion of contemporary conveniences and historic charm. The city is well-known for its extensive history and its stunning mediaeval architecture, which includes the famous Chester Cathedral and the Roman Walls. Chester is more than just a city; it’s a flourishing commercial community and a centre of culture.

Chester’s allure is not limited to its historical relevance. The city is a retail destination in the centre of Cheshire, offering a variety of shopping experiences from boutiques along cobblestone lanes to contemporary shopping centres.

Venetix take great pride in playing a significant role in Chester’s business community. Since 2021, our web design company has been building powerful websites for companies of all sizes. We are skilled in putting search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices into action, so your website will be more visible and get more clicks.

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