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Advert for guitar lessons detailing guitar surrounded by lights

Facebook Example


Our adverts will always be targeted towards your audience after careful market research. They are written using niche customer language - with a focus on capturing attention & increasing desire of your product/service to generate a consistent click through rate.

Advertising Deep Dive

This is an example of one of our Facebook adverts for Fin's. Below we explain what we did and why our methods create success.

This Fin's Facebook ad focused on targeting guitar players during the Christmas season. The goal was to promote guitar lessons subtly by offering free value and prizes through a seasonal countdown.

We used niche language and useful tips from respected artists to connect with the audience and encourage commitment. We paired this with both an email collection landing page and a ready-to-use campaign that offered daily reminders/offers.

This meant that even when our campaign was over, participants were highly likely to become customers due to both the bond and value Fin’s has delivered to them over the Christmas period.


Project tools: Elementor, WordPress, & Adobe XD

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