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Walsall Sole Trader Marketing Strategies 2024

About the Author

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Walsall sole traders are individuals who run their own businesses offering various services to the local community. These entrepreneurs play a vital role in the local economy, contributing skills such as freelancing, Web Design, Photography, Accounting and Handyman services.

Advantage of A Local Business in Walsall

Walsall is home to a sizable population of 287,000 people, creating the ideal conditions for both niche and competitive business conditions to succeed. Having a much lower population than neighbouring Birmingham (1.2 Million), it can be a blessing for local businesses and freelancers to be able to focus on growing strong community connections and focusing on developing a local expertise of the Walsall market and its customers.

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Walsall Business Website Statistics

There are many business in the uk still without a website (49%), while Walsall has a population of around 8,000 registered businesses – taking into account the national average that’s around 4,000 Walsall businesses operating without a website.
Picture of contrasting big city business with local mom and pop small business environment

The need to “go big” when choosing your new 2024 sole trading venture isn’t always the right move. Check what’s available on your local doorstep. You can always expand business as you grow!

Sole Traders Prefer to Use Social Media

Those operating as sole traders tend to prefer using social media to acquire clients, over using a website. The rise of social media has given way to an extraordinary burst in people all over the UK creating their own business, which is great to hear. From hairdressing, handyman services, to video editing, much work is now attainable from the internet and using social media to drive your ‘sole trader’ business forward.
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Combining Social Media with A Website

Our insights about using social media marketing:

  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Google Business offer helpful tools for connecting with consumers, their limitations can impede the expansion of businesses.


  • Once their most recent algorithmic updates are implemented, these platforms often find it difficult to attract new users.


Integrate A Website into your Google Business (GMB) Profile for local authority

One strength of sole traders in Walsall, is many have a google my business profile. Just from a quick check using google, we found that a couple of Walsall plumpers have a great GMB profile, decent reviews but have no website.

Adding a website will have a near-instant impact and become a sole traders key advantage as they send the signals of their Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) throughout the local Walsall area. Google places great emphasis on these factors when determining the quality and relevance of a website, particularly in the realm of local search. So, if you already have an established brand, Google will recognise this!

You can connect your newly created website to your current GMB account. You can even get a high-quality, modern website developed for you in under a week!

What Is A Google Business Profile?

The google business profile is your gateway to making sure your business appears when prospective clients look it up on google or even when searching for a comparable business to yours. Here you can post updates, interact with reviews to increase customer loyalty, and display eye-catching images that distinguish your company with Google My Business from those competitors in your local service area.

Importance of a Marketing-Driven Website

A web designer with a focus on marketing is aware of how important the homepage is in drawing in visitors and establishing the overall tone of the user experience. When creating a webpage, it’s much more than just ‘visuals’ as Nandana Varma from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy found in a 2021 Web Design Study “Make sure to always keep the consumer in mind when creating digital content”. The content must read well and guarantee that the information will be properly absorbed by the customer, or they will leave within seconds of being on your website.
university professor building a wire frame for a website

What Customers Like About local Service Websites

Having a homepage that clicks with your customer base, where they can easily understand what your brand services are and what to do next is what really makes or breaks a local service website! A website should have a strategic purpose in guiding visitors towards a desired action, whether it’s making a simple purchase, filling out a contact form for your Walsall services, or signing up for a newsletter to keep getting your latest updates – it all counts.

Walsall Community business Involvement

Walsall’s large community presents the ability to build goodwill and visibility with ease. This can be achieved by sole traders and small business owners by supporting community initiatives (sponsoring) and participating in local events. This also provides the ability to capitalise on positive word-of-mouth recommendations from clients and develop solid connections around the area.

In Walsall this could mean having your story picked up in the express and star and letting the leads come to you. As Rucker and Uzzi’s (Northwestern University) research highlights having a growing word of mouth presence can “start to shape consumer behaviour in regards to their brand”, as social media influencers and news publications pick up on their brand, it can snowball very easily in the current 2024 internet environment.

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Walsall Council Recommend For Local Business Growth

Walsall council advocates that small businesses take the opportunity to engage with their parks programme both to lessen their environmental impact and in turn get positive publicity through Walsall Council’s media outlets. Approaching this from a sole trader perspective, this could lead to providing long-term goodwill and netting your local business a key advantage over competitors in the area.

Our Inspiration

We created this blog to show local Walsall sole traders and entrepreneurs some of the marketing tactics employed by other local businesses and build a sense of community among them. With only around half of sole traders having a website in 2024, we want to bring an understanding to the topic, with our wider goal being to support and facilitate each other’s success in the local Walsall business community.

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